O2 Retail – Windows tablet application

Whilst working for the agency Tribal Worldwide I was asked to work on an application that was intended to be used in O2 retail stores to explain the then new Refresh concept. The concept of Refresh is that customers of O2 are able to change their phones before their contracts are up, effectively separating hardware from call time and data costs. The app was to be installed onto Windows Surface tablets that would be on display in UK O2 concept stores.

I worked on UX flows and detailed wireframes and, once the client was happy, I liased with Tribal’s visual design team to prepare final graphics. One of the toughest challenges was the calculator section of the app, which was really the crux of the Refresh idea and demonstrated to customers what the deal was to cost and the choices they could make that would alter the final figure.

Frustratingly, despite being implemented onto a Surface tablet, the launch of Refresh was delayed at the time and plans for the concept stores meant that it would end up being launched in a different way.

Initial sketches

More sketches

Phone selection

Refresh calculator

Navigation detail

Final design

Final refresh calculator