Nike – Social media dashboard

Whilst contracting at AKQA I was asked to come up with a concept for a social media dashboard that could be used the Nike staff to track and analyse interactions with the company. Nike has multiple accounts that they manage and the idea for the dashboard was that they could use the vast amounts of data they gather on interactions to better target marketing campaigns and get a clearer understanding of their audience.

The dashboard would draw in data from multiple sources, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and would keep track of active campaigns (such as the Twitter-based #FindGreatness). The dashboard could even keep track of individual Nike+ members who would be profiled in detail and their interactions with the company tracked over time as they move from beginners to ‘leaders’ and ‘brand advocates’.

The dashboard could also be used to track interactions with Nike’s customer services team with detailed breakdown of the channels that are being used as well as which accounts are receiving the most customer service-related traffic. In addition, Nike managers would consult the dashboard to track the performance of their teams.

General dashboard

Activity by country

Customer profile screen

Campaign page

Customer service

Action panel