Mobile game

One of the projects I worked on at BERG was a mobile game for a multinational tech company that was intended to showcase the hardware sensors onboard a forthcoming phone. The concept for the game is based around the idea of the player joining the international cyber agency ISO in their fight against the nefarious Nanotec Corp. The game comprises of a series of fun mini-games that all take advantage of the device’s sensors (including accelerometers and gyroscopes) and other hardware features. Each game is meant to be physical and best played on the move.

I was involved in the creation of concepts for the games and worked with developers and the excellent illustrator and animator Matt Thomas (AKA OpenByHand) on their implementation. Frustratingly the project stalled because of an internal restructuring inside the client company and the full game was never completed.

Sketches for initial game setup

Sketches for 'Track the Agent' game

Game concept detail

Levelling up details

Detailed screen designs

Trace the call - detailed screens

Screen design

Screen prompt