INQ Mobile projects

After four years at Nokia I joined the team at INQ Mobile, which was then a relatively new startup-sized company that was financed by Hutchison Whampoa (owners of the Three network in the UK). The idea behind the company was to develop mobile devices that had social media and sharing applications fully integrated into the core operating system. The team started out with a feature phone running Qualcomm’s Brew OS and I worked on applications on that for the first year I was at the company. This included a Facebook application that was developed in collaboration with the US company (it helped that Hutchison are shareholders) as well as a Twitter app.

INQ then began developing a device running a modified version of the Android OS and at this point I started working on concepts for aspects of the core system (including sharing and hardware-related interaction) as well several applications that were being developed in house.

Facebook app - profile tab

Facebook app - flows 2

Twitter app - INQ

Sharing concept for INQ touch-screen device

INQ sharing concepts - two

Close sharing - INQ

Another concept I created based on the idea of sharing with friends and family.