Electrolux – various projects

The first full-time job I was offered after finishing my degree was to work in an office of the multinational white goods company Electrolux, who own brands such as AEG and Zanussi. Although the job was initially based in an office in Northumbria, an offer was soon made for me to move out to the then international design headquarters that was based in the old Zanussi factory in Pordenone, northern Italy. In early 2003 I moved out there and took the role of an interaction designer working in a multidisciplinary team that included engineers, product designers, graphic designers and more.

Initially I was tasked with creating interactive prototypes for a whole range of appliance interfaces that I mostly created in Adobe Flash at the time. As time went on I was also asked to be involved in other types of work, including UI and animation concepts for touch-screen interfaces, connected home projects and presentations for upper management. It was a really excellent first job and gave me a lot of valuable experience in designing product interfaces and working with larger teams and with colleagues from all over the world.

Product interfaces

Nokia project

Home automation project - main screen

Home automation project - products page

Home automation project - messages screen