Stickers designed for MOJ Digital

Whilst working as Head of Design in MOJ Digital one of my tasks is to create mission patches (stickers) that are used to celebrate project milestones, such as passing a GDS assessment, as well as to commemorate or mark important events for the whole team. Taking our cue from GDS, who themselves took the idea from NASA’s mission patches, each team chooses a ‘spirit animal’ and the patches are designed around this.

Since I started at MOJ I’ve designed over 25 patches, including ones celebrating the team’s birthday and ones that mark when members have been on the team for one year, two years etc. As you’ll see from the pictures, I used different materials, including gloss, matt, shiny (gold and silver) depending on the milestone or intended use.

Stickers on iMac

Civil Claims patches

Manchester team

MOJ Digital patches

First birthday patch

Laptop with patches

Pile of stickers