People finder service

One of several internal-facing projects I’ve worked on whilst at the Ministry of Justice, this is a brand new service to allow staff across the department to find colleagues, check their contact details and learn where they are located in the organisational hierarchy. The intention is that this will replace an outmoded and underused search tool that’s only available to a certain section of MOJ staff. Initially launching as a standalone service, it will later be integrated into a new intranet that is currently being developed (as of May 2015).

Like any project carried out at in MOJ Digital, the product went through multiple iterations following extensive user-testing with a range of staff, including senior civil servants, all the way up to the permanent secretary Ursula Brennan. We started out with an actual organisation browser on the homepage, which allowed you to browse it and understand where the team you were in was located in MOJ. After user-testing and attempts to make it work for mobile screen sizes the decision was made to drop it and instead implement a simpler solution.

Current home screen

Alpha home page with org browser

Profile page

Edit profile screens