Nokia projects

I joined Nokia in 2005 after leaving Italy and returning to the UK. I would end up staying with the company for over four years and have the chance to work on a wide range of projects as part of an international team of multidisciplinary specialists. I started out working on interactive prototypes (usually made in Flash) for the Nseries gallery, as well as being part of the core design team’s Insight and Innovation project, which was tasked with working on UI and hardware concepts for the rest of the company.

Later our team would become part of the larger ‘Services and UI design’ team and work on a range of projects, including concepts for the core UI of what would become Nokia’s first touchscreen device. I also worked on one of the best projects of my career so far, the outcome of which was applications designed for low-end devices used in emerging markets, known then as Life Tools. The projects displayed below are just a small selection of the work I did whilst at Nokia.

Gallery designs for N96

Evolution of N96 gallery designs

Alarm concepts

Alarm concept - shake to snooze

Photos from research


App concept

Brokk - camera

Brokk - making a call


Volume concepts